Sober Living
Marietta, GA



Our mission is to effectively treat individuals who suffer from chemical dependency and substance abuse related issues. Keystone Recovery emphasizes the importance of residents being immersed in the 12 Steps while helping them integrate into society as productive, drug-free individuals.​

We hope to achieve this mission by ensuring our sober living environment is safe, drug-free, and individually supportive by providing close one on one attention.
For an Applicant to enter Keystone Recovery, he must be clean and sober for at least 48 hours. Participants in this program must be able to function successfully in a structured living environment without being a threat of danger to themselves or others.

If a resident develops behaviors during this period of abstinence that suggest the possibility of a mental health disorder he will be referred to our mentor and program therapist to determine an appropriate plan of action.
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Meet Our Operator

Like so many in the field, my desire to be involved comes from my personal story of addiction and path to recovery. That path began in treatment and then a sober living house, where my work in the field of addiction has remained.

I have been fortunate enough to work with men from ages 17 to 70. Men with no home, family, or money as well as men with every bit of that still in tact. Men starting their lives over again to guys going and finishing high school or college. I look forward to assisting you no matter your station.

Peter Shepherd